Bo, the Dollar Blogger

Greetings, and Welcome to The Dollar Blogger! My name is Dave Bochichio.

I, like many Americans, did not get a financial education while growing up. It led me to make a share of financially-related mistakes in my younger adult years. As I discovered my interest in finance (get it? A pun!), along with my passion for teaching, I realized that writing about personal finance would be an enjoyable endeavor and helpful to those who may struggle as I have in the past.

Personal finance can be scary. A wrong move can spell financial ruin for an undetermined amount of time. I strongly feel that we need to spend more time on financial education with teenagers and young adults in this country. I created this website as an educational resource for the financially curious.

A little about me: I have Asperger's Syndrome, or more simply put, I'm on the autism spectrum. It's an interesting condition, coming from one sitting here with it, right? On one hand, some things that are complex to most people are incredibly simplistic to me. On the other hand, specific mundane tasks are almost impossible for me to do. Fortunately, the condition hasn't crippled me, and honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I wasn't always into personal finance. In fact, I was a software engineer for a wee shy of a decade, but I didn't enjoy it. I found myself always reading about money and finance during my spare time at work. It didn't occur to me that I could pursue personal finance on a grander scale until much later.

At home, I handle the finances. This includes all of my and my wife’s investments, retirement funds, savings, and regularly negotiating our bills with our service providers. I primarily do all of our budgeting, though my wife certainly weighs in on where to allocate what.

I believe that married couples should have an equal say in the finances. It’s perfectly okay for one person to take care of everything, but both spouses should have their financial goals appreciated. My wife and I share the same goals – to be financially independent, to one day travel freely, and to stay out of debt (we became debt-free in April of 2020).

My personal finance education started in 2007, where I mostly focused on investing. Over the next few years, we moved, and I changed jobs, but not before having a six month period where income was limited. I then focused on learning how to save the most amount of money as I could.

Much of what you’ll read here is about saving money, getting out of debt, and earning more on the side. Many Americans don’t save enough money, and unfortunately, that leads to financial hardship. An unexpected expense can put a real damper on things, which we’ve had happen at least once in our 13+ years of marriage. This is why saving money and having a deep emergency fund is so important.

On topics other than personal finance, I thoroughly enjoy eating exotic and international foods, spending time with my two cats, and gaming. Additionally, I enjoy writing fiction.

My email is always open if you ever have questions or thoughts about personal finance. Feel free to reach out at – I look forward to hearing from you!