How To Get Your Spouse On The Same Page Financially

Husband and Wife going over their finances to get on the same page about money

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Are you trying to get your spouse on the same page financially? Money is one of the leading causes of marital troubles, so it pays to sit down with your partner and work through your money plans as a team. That way, you'll create financial goals that you can both aim for together.

In this post, I'll go over how you and your spouse can work together to create a financial plan for the future, and how you can approach the tricky subject of doing personal finance as a team.

Communicate With Each Other

The key to any marriage is good communication. My wife and I attribute how well we work together as a team based on how well we understand each other and communicate effectively. There's no exception when it comes to money, though many couples struggle to get on the same page financially as one another.

Whether you're a big saver or you like to spend money on life experiences, or if you want to invest in the stock market, or you're more conservative, an important part of a successful marriage is finding a compromise with your spouse when coming up with financial goals.

Hear each other's needs and wants. You're both building a life together, so you both must be getting something out of the hard-earned cash.

Make Money Decisions as a Team

As a married couple, your money decisions belong to both of you. One of you may be more adept with the finances, but all decisions must be made as a team to honor both partners' life goals. By being on the same team, it's easier to be on the same financial page.

Sometimes, we might feel like we want to do everything our way, but it takes two to work as a married team. That means listening to one another and compromise. Set aside the pride and agree to work together on how your finances will be handled.

Making money decisions as a team will:

  • Help you learn to work together on tough topics
  • Allow for better ideas with both contributing
  • Make it easier to get on the same page since you're both weighing in your opinions and thoughts

If you haven't combined your finances, consider doing so, as you're in this together. Open a high yield online savings account together and starting saving extra money as a team.

Schedule Time to Talk About Money

If money is particularly a sore topic between you and your spouse, schedule time to talk about it. The best time will be when you're both are at your greatest ease, such as a day when you both don't work or on a relaxing date.

My wife and I talk about money when we go out to breakfast at a local restaurant. We'll schedule the morning talk a few days in advance to give us both time to figure out what we want to talk about, and then we'll go order coffee and breakfast and chat.

We always come up with a financial plan together and base it of both of our wants and needs.

Set Goals Together

When you set your goals together, you both have the satisfaction of working together towards a common financial future. Some financial goals include:

My wife and I sit down periodically and track and update our goals. As of this writing, we're creating a fund to save up to buy our next house. Our goal is to have a house nearer my family that has more space than our current home.

When you set goals together and stick to them, you'll be on your way every month to saving more money and having said money for things you each want.

Build a Budget Around Your Goals

Once you have financial goals set up, create a budget together. The best way to reach your goals and get on the same page financially is to have a plan based on saving money towards them. Perhaps you want to knock down credit card debt faster, and you don't want to pay just the minimum payments each month.

By budgeting, you might have found an extra $100 each month that you can apply towards your credit card balance, saving you hundreds of dollars in interest payments and knocking your credit card repayment time by years.

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Track Your Progress Together

Celebrate your wins together by tracking your progress. For example, perhaps you've determined you'll need three years to save money for a dream house. Come up with and write down best ways to save and start saving. Each month, write down how much you've saved and how much more you need. This will help the two of you stay accountable.

It's easier to get to your end result when you track because you see incremental progress, which helps you feel more confident about reaching the end.

This also ties back to staying on the same page. When you regularly track your progress, you're having more money conversations. By having more money conversations, you're learning to communicate better on the topic and get on the same page financially.

Come Up With Common Retirement Goals

If you both work, then coming up with common goals for retirement will benefit both of you. Will you both retire at the same time or will one of you work longer?

A common strategy for retiring successful includes:

Wrapping It Up

The key to a successful marriage is communication, and getting on the same page financially is no exception. Working together on both of your money goals as a team will help you both stay happy and live a financially healthier life. Then you can realize your dreams together.

Until next time!

The key to a successful marriage is communication, and getting on the same page financially with your spouse is no exception. Working together on both of your money goals as a team will help you both stay happy and live a financially healthier life. Then you can realize your dreams together.



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Traveler's Itch
5 months ago

Honestly, this was hard for me at first! My partner had a completely different spending pattern than I did, and after a while we sat down and literally wrote everything out. He’s a splurger, I’m a saver. Somehow we did find a middle ground though 😉

5 months ago

Hi, this is an interesting post. I have never thought about having shared finances with my partner. Food for thought, thanks for sharing.

5 months ago

Very good tips, a lot of couples struggle with finances and even get divorce so its important to have these important conversations even before marriage to assess financial and long term goal compatibilities.

Merveille Maroya-Powell

Oh my goodness, this is really good information. I believe this post tells me a lot about how to have a financially stable marriage. These are things people don’t usually talk about before you get married. Thanks for sharing…

5 months ago

This is so helpful, thank you for sharing!

Azubike Eze
5 months ago

Thanks for the informative and important article. We all want to thrive in our relationships, and good communication helps us to set financial goals together.

5 months ago

this is such a great article. I especially like the suggestion wherein we would both sit together over breakfast at a neutral venue and talk about this important aspect

5 months ago

For me this is not an issue since I live by myself. I guess it’s a question of compromising – as on every other level, too.

5 months ago

very good article,,,will share it with my wife working abroad is not an easy thing.need to save while the opportunity are still available.already invest for a home and education,and before i stop will invest for a small business..

5 months ago

Luckily this isn’t a problem for me s we’re always in communication and have similar spending habits and ways of saving.

5 months ago

These are all great suggestions even just for a healthy marriage. I was feeling pretty good and thinking my husband and I do all of the points you mentioned, then I saw about setting up a retirement plan and we have definitely not done this. I will have to keep it in mind, thank you!

Eric Gamble
5 months ago

Seems like open communication is by far the best way to get your spouse and yourself on the same page financially! There is no doubt that money can cause tons of problems in any relationship. So I love how you give tips on planning together and making strong goals that you both can reasonably acheive!

5 months ago

absolutely good tips shared, this is extremely important not just for spouse, also applicable to those family members sharing same household expenses & commitment too. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

Knycx Journeying
5 months ago

This is truly an art to balance the two sides and come to a consensus regarding financing. Thanks for sharing and insights. – Knycx Journeying

5 months ago

The points are really great. Many couples fight over money. It’s no secret that money is one of the leading causes of divorce. … Even if divorce or a break up isn’t an option of you, being on the same page is a great way to reduce stress and arguments in your marriage or relationship.

5 months ago

This is such a wonderful article. I am sending it to my fiancé we are on the same page for the most part, but it doesn’t hurt to still learn and expand on what we do. So we can stay that way.

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