Interesting Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

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Greetings! Awhile back, I polled Twitter and asked how people went about making money as teenagers in high school. I was especially looking for out-of-the-box jobs and hustles that they did to make more money than a typical job as, say, a cashier, or office receptionist.

I received some great answers from some clever side hustling former teens that earned extra money from a variety of sources. In this post, I'll cover how I conducted the poll, pick out the top results, and then go into other ways teenagers can earn money while they're in high school.

How the Twitter Poll was Conducted

On May 21st, I polled the following question:

“When you were a high school student, how did you make money?” A simple question. Over the course of the next day, I received over 65 responses to this question.

I received answers anywhere from customer service, to house cleaning, to working at the grocery store. But, I also received answers pertaining to some interesting odd jobs that these folks did in order to make money as a teenager. Here are some.

Top Results for How People Make Money as a Teenager

When looking for part time jobs that people did to make money as a teenager, some of the top results impressed me.

Caleb Mellas, the Millennial Money Coach, did anything from yard work, including lawn mowing and aerating, to pet sitting. When figuring out how much he was making, he landed on anywhere between $15 to $50 per hour!

John Galt also had a landscaping business as a teenager, but what he learned from it is what propelled him into his adult success. He learned that both customer service and quality of product are the most important factors to running a successful business. This is great information for teenagers to know when entering the adult world.

Twitter user @Flexcents did what many adults do on eBay and Amazon. He flipped items. Buying wholesale candy and flipping them for a profit, he made $200-$300 per week. As a teenager, that's over $10,000 per year! Check out some other awesome ways to save $10,000 each year.

The reason I picked these as my top 3 (in no particular order) was:

  • The first one showed how to make large amounts of money per hour through simple work such as mowing lawns and taking care of pets.
  • The second one showed important lessons learned from running a business as a teenager. These lessons were transferred to adult life to help him succeed.
  • The third one was out-of-the-box thinking at its finest. He flipped candy to make more money in a week than others trying to make money as a teenager.

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Of course, there are many many other jobs that a teenager can do to make money. Let's look at some other popular ways, both standard jobs, and out-of-the-box jobs.

How Can You Make Money As A Teenager

Other jobs that people responded with included:

  • Working at the car wash: Whether you work at a carwash business or you opt to wash cars on your own, a teenager can make good money washing cars from both base pay and tips.
  • Being a golf caddy at local golf courses: Teenagers can earn around $100 to $120 per 18 hole golf course, carrying two golf bags around. This usually takes 4 hours, so hourly speaking, a teenager can earn between $25 and $30 per hour.
  • Raking leaves: Depending on the size of the area raked, teenagers can make solid cash by raking leaves. An hour of raking could definitely earn a teen $30 or more.
  • Working at a restaurant: Whether bussing or waiting tables, a customer-service oriented teen can earn big tip money while working at a diner or restaurant.
  • Running errands for people: Teenagers with a vehicle can run errands for elderly people, such as getting groceries. During the pandemic, this type of work is well needed as elderly folks are at high risk. A teenager delivering groceries to their front door allows the customer to stay at home safely.
  • Working at family member businesses: While not the best money in the world, my high school friend worked at his Uncle's gas station for a few years. He earned steady pay while also having the ability to earn job experience and a reference for when he found his first job as an adult. Other businesses may be more lucrative such as some mentioned above, or some in more corporate settings.
  • Babysitting: There's always people looking for babysitters. Even during the pandemic when most of us are stuck at home, a babysitter may be necessary to keep children busy while their parents work from home or when they need to run errands.
  • Graphic Design: With so many online businesses popping up in 2020, graphic designers are needed more than ever for graphics, logos, and more.
  • Janitorial work: Many schools and buildings are closed, but as the country opens up again, janitors will be needed to clean them. Janitors have a wide range of pay, oftentimes as low as $12 per hour to as high as $20 or more per hour. A teenager could take real advantage of this if they're into cleaning.
  • Taught Music lessons (piano, guitar, etc.): A talented high school student could teach music lessons to others for a substantial amount of money. In fact, the average piano teacher makes $50 for a one hour lesson. A teenager with the right aptitude for piano and for teaching could do extremely well.
  • Receptionist work at an office: While not the most exciting job, but in my opinion, less exhausting than working retail, a teenager can earn $10-$15 per hour on average as a receptionist.
  • Cashier at a store: Retail is one of my least favorite jobs out there, but cashiers are essential employees right now and many stores, such as grocery stores and certain department stores, are expanding their employee base, giving teenagers a chance to work as cashiers and stock personnel.
  • Bagging at a grocery store: Similar to being a cashier at a grocery store, baggers are also needed to bag groceries. Additionally, if grocery stores are offering curbside pickup, teenagers could be hired to get groceries from the store and load customers' cars.
  • Tutoring: Tutoring either offline or online on a website such as Chegg, teenagers can earn around $20 per hour helping other students learn topics such as math, English, foreign language, history, and more.

Nowadays, it's possible to make money online as a teenager as well. You can check out this post about different ways to make money online, which apply to both teenagers and adults.

How to Make a Lot of Money as a Teenager?

This is a question I asked myself as a teenager as well. I think we all did. How do we make lots of money? It's a dream to get through high school with cash-on-hand.

Nowadays, social media is a huge thing and there is no reason a teenager needs to only earn minimum wage to earn money. A teenager who builds a following online can get involved with some serious online endeavors such as affiliate marketing or YouTube.

Other teenagers, who may be talented in writing, could write their first eBook in high school and sell it on Amazon or similar sites. A $5 commission from an eBook with 1000 copies sold could pay a nice chunk of change of a semester's tuition at a state school. Writing more books could add to that.

Starting other side hustles and businesses on a larger scale could help a teenager make money on nights and weekends.

Wrapping It Up

High school is a busy time in a teenager's life, but it's also filled with opportunities to gain job experience and to make money. When teens go off to college, they can find other interesting ways to make money as well.

If you're a parent with a high schooler, or if you're a teenager reading this, let me know if any of the jobs found in this post have inspired you to take them on. If you have another job you work or have worked, let me know below!

What are some interesting ways you earned money as a teenager?

I polled Twitter and found many interesting ways that your teens can earn money while in high school. Check out what Twitter has to say about making money as a teenager!



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