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About Dave

Dave has went to school for Computer Science & Mathematics and worked as a software engineer for 8 years before taking time off to jump into the world of personal finance. In 2020, Dave created The Dollar Blogger with his wife, Mary. His passion is helping people get out of debt and live a financially healthier life.

When Dave isn't working on The Dollar Blogger, he enjoys eating exotic and international foods, spending time with his two cats, and gaming. He also enjoys writing fiction.

In February 2020, Dave published his first novel, Persona Jeremy, a psychological thriller. He is currently working on a fantasy novel in his spare time.

About Mary

Mary is the graphic designer and social media manager at The Dollar Blogger. She has been interested in visual art since childhood and majored in Art at LaGuardia High School in New York City. She also has a Masters degree in marketing.

After working in retail for many years and ready for a career change, she joined The Dollar Blogger to combine her talents in arts and marketing.

When Mary isn't working, she can be found crocheting, dining out at her favorite restaurants, learning about people and cultures around the world, and adding to her growing list of must-see travel destinations. Her favorite place to be is relaxing on the beaches of Aruba.

About The Dollar Blogger

Founded in January 2020, The Dollar Blogger is a personal finance website and blog developed to help people get out of debt, earn more money, maximize their savings, and live a financially healthier life

The Dollar Blogger is owned and operated by Dave Bochichio and his wife Mary Bochichio. Dave is the chief content creator on the blog and Mary focuses on graphic design and social media management.